50 Years of Designing and Manufacturing Engineered Plastic Parts for Industrial Equipment

Thrust Collars & Table Rolls & Filter Plates

Timco fabricates the unique plastic parts that are widely used in Steel Mills.

Timco plastic parts can be found in the roll shop in both hot and cold rolling mills. Our parts offer lightweight handling and installation, long part life and reduced maintenance requirements in many applications. Table rolls with cast nylon roll bodies are easily exchanged in existing equipment and provide quieter operation and longer wear life without the need for lubrication. All rolls are test-run for free-idling before shipment.

All parts are designed to absorb the wear which is caused by torque load, rotation, and misalignment. Fabricated cast nylon spindle slippers offer very long service life. They are lightweight for easy installation. A 25" long slipper for a strip mill coupling weighs only 16-1/2 Ibs. Their high modulus of elasticity also dampens noise and vibration.

Metal chock liners are frequently replaced with self-lubricating nylon. Traditional steel thrust collars can be replaced with nylon to ease the maintenance process. Water-lubricated fiber bearings can cradle the heaviest spindle safely, with little or no maintenance required.

Your Timco sales engineer will assist you with part design and material selection.
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