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Sheaves are used to guide and support wire rope, wire, fiber rope, coated cable, fiber optical, flexible hose, and belts.

Timco’s cast nylon sheaves are increasingly found on a wide variety of lifting equipment. They often replace sheaves made of cast iron or steel. Today, Timco’s sheaves can be found on nearly any type of crane including gantry, tower, rough terrain, crawler, truck, and pedestal cranes. They are also used in equipment for the wire drawing and cable stranding industries, on forklifts, telehandlers, manlifts, mobile drill rigs and in many other mechanical systems.

Timco is the largest supplier of machined non-metallic sheaves in North America. We are proud to offer our customers sheaves of all sizes and designs. We supply sheaves made from Cast Nylon 6 (standard, heat stabilized, MoS2 filled, oil-filled, internally lubricated, FDA compliant grades available), Calaumid® 6/12 with metal core for high load requirements in small spaces, Extruded Nylon 6/6 grades for small sheaves, UHMW-PE for lower load requirements, and Acetal when chemical/water resistance is required. An experienced Timco sales engineer would be happy to assist you in your sheave design and material selection.

Benefits of using Timco sheaves

Extend Wire Rope Life

Wire rope (wire cable) is an important and highly stressed component in material handling equipment. The useful lifetime of wire rope is mostly determined by fatigue, Hertzian pressure between wire rope and sheave, and external conditions such as line pull, sheave diameter, groove profile and sheave material.

In contrast to most other machine components, wire rope must be replaced before it fails. In order to extend wire rope life, sheaves or sheave grooves made of Timco’s cast nylon are used. Timco sheaves are very wear resistant and do not stress the outer strands of the rope nearly as much as steel sheaves.

Standard wire rope rests in the groove of a steel sheave on point contacts only, resulting in high specific loads between the outer wires of the rope and the groove. Premature wire rope failure due to the breaking of individual wires in the outer strands can occur. This does not happen with sheaves made of Timco cast nylon.

The elasticity of Timco’s sheaves results in a larger contact area between wire rope and sheave groove. The specific loading is greatly reduced, and the wire rope is under less stress. Timco sheaves provide a cushion in the groove contact area. The load bearing contact area on a Timco nylon sheave is 10 times larger than on a steel sheave. Wear resistance, reduced specific loading and elasticity make our sheaves extend the life of the wire rope by up to 300%!

Are Lighter Weight

The low weight of Timco sheaves can also increase their operational efficiency. The weight of our cast nylon sheaves is one-seventh the weight of steel sheaves. In heavy cranes with multiple reeving, the weight savings adds up quickly. The total axle load on a large mobile crane (which may use as many as 18 sheaves) can be reduced by almost 2,200 Ibs by using Timco sheaves. The effect of the weight savings on the boom tip is magnified at low boom angles.

Timco cast nylon sheaves improve equipment efficiency, reduce load and stress, and are easier to handle.

Improve System Safety

Wire rope performance is often the key factor in the efficient and safe operation of large systems. Because the wire rope is less stressed when using Timco cast nylon sheaves, the entire lift system runs more safely.

Handling or installing Timco sheaves is significantly easier and safer than working with metal sheaves.

Offer Corrosion and Weather Resistance

Timco sheaves do not rust, and resist chemical and salt water corrosion. They are ideal for outdoor and marine applications as well as in other harsh environments.

Last Longer Than Sheaves Made of Other Materials

A unique combination of mechanical and impact properties, combined with its excellent wear resistance, allow Timco cast nylon sheaves to outlast their metallic counterparts.

Groove wear is caused either by mechanical overload (generally produced by point stress) or by slippage of the cable. The increased rope support provided by Timco’s plastic sheaves reduces both mechanical overload and cable slippage, as well as stress caused by vibration.

Improved performance and long-lasting toughness make Timco cast nylon sheaves a cost effective choice.

Provide Longer System Life

In addition to its many other benefits, cast nylon also dampens vibrations. This is beneficial for the rope, bearings, shaft, housing, and other components of the system. The useful lifetime of all components in the reeving is extended. This means lower maintenance costs, less downtime, longer useful product life, and more profitability.

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