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Corrugated Vulcanized Fiber for Electrical Transformers

Timco's Corrugated Fiber is used for electrical insulation applications. It is a dense material having high strength imparted by the retained fibrous structure it is made of. This material is free from foreign matter that might impair electrical properties.

Timco's Corrugated Fiber is used in distribution transformers as a duct through which cooling oil flows. The number of corrugations needed per transformer is a function of the rating of the transformer and the amount of oil flow needed to keep the operating temperature below failure levels.

Timco's Square Corrugated Fiber, with corrugations perpendicular to the grain, possesses superior mechanical strength and maintains the height of the corrugations under pressure, allowing the proper amount of cooling oil to flow freely.

Tests have shown Timco's Square Corrugated Fiber is compatible with transformer oil and after aging, gains compressive strength. Oil-Filled Transformers Need Timco's Corrugated Fiber.

Sinusoidal (rounded) or sine-wave configurations tend to deflect as the load is increased, thus reducing the height of the corrugation and the amount of cooling oil that can be passed through.

Specifications (flat sheet):

Nominal thickness (inches) 1/32" Bursting strength (PSI), minimum 325
Water absorption % IN 24 hours, maximum 63 Specific gravity, typical 1.12 TO 1.25
IZOD impact strength (foot pounds/inch of notch 1.0 minimum Rockwell hardness, minimum R-80
Dielectric strength, VPM minimum 175 Ash content % maximum 1.5
Silica content % maximum 0.3 Zinc chloride content % maximum 0.1
Compressive strength (of flat sheet) PSI typical 30,000

Available Sizes:

Height Type Grain Direction Width Length Compressive Strength
3/16" Squared Cross corrugation 6" to 48" 1' to 200' 245-300 PSI
1/4" Squared Cross corrugation 6" to 48" 1' to 200' 180-215 PSI
1/4" Rounded With corrugation 32" 48" Averages min:120 typ:175

* Made-to-Order Sizes Available

* All Base Material 1/32" Thick Vulcanized Fiber

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